About Rod

Rod Symons

Rod Symons Racing is located 900 metres from the Bendigo Jockey Club racecourse. We are a small intimate racing stable, who caters to specific needs of our horses and any of their problems or habits. At present we have a staff of 2 full time girls and 3 part-time employees, and a number of track riders.

The Stables are situated on 6 acres of land which we have developed to be a top notch training facility that is designed around the peaceful natural environment of a country property.

Our Facilities consist of:

  • Modern Stables with the capacity to bed down 12 racehorses
  • 11 day yards situated in a lovely tree clad environment.
  • 9 paddocks fenced with pine posts and tennis court mesh.

Our racehorses have the opportunity to be walked to and from the racecourse when required. and to run in a paddock each day after their track work.

Some of our racehorses live in paddocks for health reasons or the fact that they cannot settle in a stable and day yard environment.

We take pride in the fact that our horses can keep a happy healthy mind in a natural environment and then settle down to the job of racing when they are required. It makes sense to us that if they are happy; they are going to perform at the best of their ability. We find that they can perform more consistently and for longer preparations with this training method.

In addition we have a 110 acre property that we are able to send the racehorses to agistment or for a short let-up after racing. It is situated only a short drive from the Stables on the outskirts of Bendigo at Lockwood. The Farm is located around the Bullock Creek, so we have lovely rich pastures to turn the horses out onto when spelling.

We like to give the racehorses in full work a couple of days off after racing, so we send them out to the Farm, and this is one of the things that we contribute to the success of our small stable. Our property manager at the farm is available to lunge the horses daily if we require them to have some light work while resting away from the stable environment.

If you would like to know more about our training facilities or even would like to inspect our properties, we would be available for inspection upon appointment.